Friday, October 7, 2011

Where Do You Stand?

Although Joel Osteen pastors the largest congregation in the America, it is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to pin his theological ideologies down.

Osteen, should run for president (kidding). The way he evades important moral/ethical issues reminds me of a good politician.

Although he reluctantly admits that homosexuality is sin, he also indicates that he would attend (not officiate) a same sex wedding. He also points out “there are other sins that the Bible indicates that he would try to change.” as well. My question then would be: "would he attend a robbery to see someone murdered?" “What about an attack where someone is raped?” Of course not!  But what is the difference one might ask? I contend his attending a same-sex wedding would give the appearance of his condoning it.

When asked about faith he replied, “to me, faith is all about learning to be happy where you are..”  I think he might get confused at times.  Faith is confidence in knowing that God is working ‘now’ in the present for your good and His glory. 

Every time Osteen is interviewed he walks away leaving question marks about Christianity. With the exception of promoting his books, I cannot think of one good reason for him submitting to be interviewed.  The last time he was interviewed by Larry King, he left questions concerning salvation.  However he did later recant and apologize.

What about the death penalty?  Where does Osteen stand?  I do not know either.

Would a Muslim vote for a Christian president? Should a Christian vote for a Muslim president? Should it matter?

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I guess of the statements that Osteen made, the one that really tears my heart strings is when he said: “I can’t grab on part and say God wants you to blessed and live an abundant life...” I have often wondered if the Apostle Paul would challenge Osteen’s definition of “an abundant life” or to be “blessed.” When you compare the lives of each, you see to life that contradict each other. However you look at it, for me, “I am no longer my own. I have been bought with a price.” That being the very blood of Christ.

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