Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Foolish Conclusion

A Foolish Conclusion

The fool says in his heart, "God does not exist." Psalm 53:1a

History is dotted with the names of well-known atheists who have been outspoken in denying the existence of God. Some have taken action to impose their beliefs on others and to effect change on our national institutions and processes.

Generally, believers in God have resented their efforts and described their message as foolishness. However, another type of sin can be foolishness. When we say, think, or do things that are unbecoming to God—when we sin—we are denying God in our
hearts. In essence we are denying He exists—or at least saying it doesn’t matter.

While many of us would never say, “There is no God,” the character, actions, and attitudes of our lives may suggest that is the conclusion in our hearts. Whether we are theoretical atheists— someone who claims atheism as his belief system—or
practical atheists—anyone who refuses to allow God to have a place in his or her life—such a foolish conclusion can only lead to a destructive end.

Father, I can’t imagine denying You with my lips, but never allow my life to deny You by my actions.

This devotional is courtesy of Open Windows.

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